Why us

Why Should Consider qflinternational.com

1. Best qualified and experienced teachers in each subject-we only hire the best and the brightest teachers to teach our students.

2. Personalized Coaching- Our class sizes are limited to only 15 students. This allows our teachers to pay individual attention to each student. Most other coaching institutes have much bigger class sizes.

3. We may help and guide our students to visit the USA and earn degrees from American Universities provided they perform great in our coaching classes.

4. We provide quality study materials, weekly test and progress report to each student.

5. We provide regular test on board patterns.

6. Parents interaction is done every month.

7. We provide a fully secure impressive large campus with natural and eco-friendly, peaceful environment for study right in the heart of Gomati Nagar & Indira Nagar.

8. We provide 24/7 assistance to our students.