Chairman Message

Message from Chairman

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction”.

A very warm welcome to QFL Coaching. Currently a little more than 700 enthusiastic learners are enrolled in our school. I appreciate the decision and express my gratitude to all such parents for selecting our school for their child and contributing in a great way in making our institution a premier institution of its kind in the near future.

It is our keen endeavour to make this institution a center of academic excellence and draw out the best from every child. Our institution is a fountain-head of creative ideas and intellectual advancement. The atmosphere here is conducive, congenial and positive where even a marginal performer’s output shoots up.

We strive to nurture in our present and also in our future student community, a deep respect and love for mankind and of-course our country – it’s cultural heritage and natural environment to help become sensitive, confident and mature leaders ever ready to serve the society and the nation.